Welcome to COMING OF SAGE… by Ang Galloway.

Who am I?

So glad you asked ….

I’m Ang, a Sydney based storyteller. I like venn diagrams, alliteration, Turkish delight, traveling off the beaten path, walking fast, hourglasses, beautiful stationery, champagne, 80’s dance music, lists and my Westie (dog) called Walter. I’m not a fan of loose ends, ambiguity, spiders, being late, public speaking, slow walkers or smudgey pens. Reading that back, it’s now clear why dinner party invitations are few and far between.

Walter - My trusty sidekick, editorial assistant and VP of distractions.

What’s Coming Of Sage?

Coming of Sage is a place where I share stories inspired by my observations of and questions about life… in the middle. Usually amusing but sometimes serious(ish).

it’s also the working title of my manuscript (which I’ve been editing for approximately 7 gazillion years as a way of avoiding my introvert’s idea of living hell… aka pitching). This book (yet to be birthed), explores my quest to redefine midlife from a crisis to a calling. Part memoir, part roadmap, part cautionary tale and part clarion call, it tells a story that is uniquely mine, but one that also echoes the zeitgeist of a generation of midlife women who   like me are not in the market for ‘sensible’, ‘beige’, ‘elasticised’ or ‘dependable’ anything.

When I’m not editing my (secret) manuscript, I’m usually doing other ‘wordy’ things… some paid and some not. Because the truth is, I love writing stories, and by sharing some of them, I hope that you’ll be able to extract something that helps you to connect dots, see a different perspective, make sense of the world, or just have a cackle at my expense. Because, we all have stories to tell, and we can all learn from each other’s. And that is one of the magical things about stories. They make us realise that we are not alone. They connect us.

I don’t have testimonials from any fancy or famous writer types to share (yet), but here’s one from a (totally unbiased) friend;

“Ang is f*#ing hilarious and insightful. She needs to share her writing with the world” … and also have a weekly column in the New York Times (ok … So, I added that bit … but… #manifesting.)

To be fair, this same friend told me I could dance, which is clearly a lie. So, there’s that. Best you be the judge.

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Anyhoo …. That’s enough from me. Thank you for being here. Let’s do this.

Ang x

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COMING OF SAGE, by Ang Galloway. Unvarnished stories about everyday life (in the middle)... told by a curious, observational storyteller who writes to make sense of the world. Usually humorous … sometimes serious(ish).


I’m Ang, a Sydney based storyteller. I like venn diagrams, alliteration, turkish delight, walking fast, lists and my Westie called Walter. I’m not a fan of loose ends, ambiguity, spiders, being late, truffle, slow walkers or smudgey pens.